A walkway between Dublin Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2 is available for those who have not yet passed through the security checkpoint. However, those landing at Terminal 1 and departing via connecting flight from Terminal 2 do not need to make use of this exit. In this case, the route that you need to take will be signposted, and the cabin crew from your previous flight will help you make the proper connections.

If, on the other hand, you land at Terminal 1 and would like to pay a visit to Terminal 2 before continuing into Dublin city proper, the walkway is ideally located. Once you pass the security checkpoint baggage reclaim area, make a right-hand turn and take the escalator up to the Departures area on the floor above. The entrance to the walkway is across from Check-in area 1.

This is a covered, glassed-in walkway suitable for all weather. There is also an outdoor path connecting the two terminals for those want to get some fresh air. The route is clearly signposted.