Taxis to Dublin Airport Terminal 1 are convenient. They drop passengers directly in the forecourt of the terminal, without the need to bother with parking or returning a vehicle. For those who plan to remain relatively stationary while in Dublin, travel by taxi may be a reasonable option.

There are ranks in front of both terminals. Officially, drivers are required to use the meter and obligated to send passengers anywhere within a 30 kilometre radius. Transport to destinations farther out than this can be arranged at the discretion of the driver. A receipt should be printed upon completion of the fare.

The taxi system is well-regulated, and visitors can use the formal complaint channel if problems arise. Built-in accountability like this helps keep the system running smoothly and fairly. If you plan to file a complaint, authorities recommend going ahead and paying the full fare first and requesting your receipt.

Each taxi rank is manned by a dispatcher who can help you with particular enquiries. Bear in mind that taxis to and from Dublin Airport are notoriously expensive. They are, however, relatively convenient for anyone who needs to make a quick one-leg journey from Terminal 1 to an onward destination.

Anyone planning on travelling more than this, or on heading outside of a 30 kilometre radius of the airport, may be better served by cheap hire car from Dublin Airport Terminal 1.