Dublin Airport’s Terminal 1 Check-in area is on the first floor, above the Arrivals area. The ticketing desks are on the outside wall between the main entrances. As you are walking in, the check-in desks are arrayed directly to the front.

To speed up the check-in process, be sure to have your tickets ready as you approach the check-in desks. Furthermore, make sure that your hang luggage does not have anything beyond what you will be using during the journey. Most importantly, remove any liquids, gels and pastes from your hand luggage to your checked luggage. This reduces the odds of being delayed at security.

Some of the airlines offer self check-in to passengers departing from Terminal 1, allowing passengers to initiate the check-in process by Internet, follow up at the kiosk in the Departures Hall and proceed to the weighing station to have their luggage checked. A fast-track service is also in place at Dublin Airport. This allows for expedited security screening and faster check-in times. For those checking in online, fast-tracking is only possible if purchased through Airport Genie services.

The Dublin Airport Authority recommends showing up 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time, and to tack on another 30 minutes if you need to park a car first. Some long-haul flights – including those to Europe and North America – begin check-in proceedings between two and three hours before departure.