Whether you are driving in on the M50 or flying in from overseas, arriving at Dublin Airport Terminal 1 is a smooth process. The terminal may not be as flashy and modern as T2, but it’s still well-organised and efficiently run.

If you are flying in, you’ll pass through passport control and enter the main Arrivals Hall, where there are nine luggage carousels in operation. Once you have your belongings, there are two choices for customs declaration. Those who are arriving from another destination in the EU can queue in the blue (i.e. ‘nothing to declare’ channel). Red check points are in place for those who need to declare items they are bringing into the country.

If you are driving to the airport from Dublin or elsewhere, you’ll do so on either the M1 (connecting Dublin to Belfast) or the M50. The Dublin Airport roundabout will guide you between the Radisson and Clarion hotels, with signs indicating the route to Terminal 1. Those leaving their vehicle for a long time will want to park in the Red or Blue car park first. Otherwise, short-term parking is available directly across from Terminal 1.

Keep in mind that the Dublin Airport Authority advises allowing around 90 minutes to arrive at the airport, check in and submit to security screenings. It’s unlikely that you will need this much time, but it’s best to play it safe. If you are parking your car or dropping a vehicle off with Europcar, add another 30 minutes.

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