From the moment you enter Terminal 1 to the second you alight at you onward destination, your luggage is going to be on your mind. Your luggage has to be hauled around with you, screened, checked and maybe screened again. And no long-haul flight is complete without the huddle of passengers waiting to collect their belongings at the luggage carousel.

As far as how many bags you are allowed to take with you, regulations differ between airlines. However, similar rules and stipulations are in place across the board. For example, most airlines allow you to carry one article of hand luggage on the plane with you, but it has to be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment. In addition to this, you are also usually allowed to carry a personal item such as a briefcase or notebook computer.

It is definitely worth touching base with your airline before you set out to learn more about the company’s rules for luggage. Some charge extra fees for overweight luggage, or they may levy a fee for each additional bag.

Luggage trolleys are available throughout Terminal 1. In all, there are about 50 trolleys on offer. Keep in mind that these cannot be used on escalators, and please remember to return the trolley to the nearest bay when you are finished with it.

A left luggage facility is also on hand in the Terminal 1 short-term car park atrium. You can leave your bags here for just a day or two or on a long-term basis.