Terminal 1 may not be the newest addition to Dublin Airport, but it still has a comprehensive set of amenities on offer. In fact, the terminal underwent significant development and expansion in the lead-up to the T2 unveiling. Today’s passengers find everything they need and more here.

Terminal 1 has a full roster of banking facilities, including plenty of ATMs and exchange desks. It’s also fitted out with a prayer room, baby changing facilities and wireless high-speed Internet.

As far as shopping is concerned, passengers with a few extra minutes on their hands can head to The Loop shopping concourse. Restaurants are situated throughout the terminal on both sides of security. The best selection is above the departures area at the Mezzanine Food Court.

Getting between the terminals is easy. In fine weather, some passengers prefer heading outside and taking the pedestrian route between terminals. Otherwise, a glassed-in covered walkway connects the two. It’s a straight shot between the two terminals, and they’re relatively close together, so there’s no need for a shuttle bus.

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