Safety is of the importance at Dublin Airport, and passengers in Terminal 1 must conform to certain safety measures and precautions while on site. As you walk into the terminal on the Departures level, the check-in desks will be directly in front of you, and the security screening area will be to the far left on the back wall. After you have touched base with your airline and checked your baggage, security is your next stop.

There are several regulations in place, many of which are concerned with what may and may not be brought aboard the plane. Blanket-level prohibitions are in place for certain items that may disrupt the flight. On top of this, stricter limitations are placed on what can actually be brought into the passenger cabin. With this in mind, you can streamline your security experience by taking time to consider what you will carry in your hand luggage and what will be checked in the luggage compartment.

For many passengers, the most confusion arises surrounding the EU regulations on liquids and gels. To put it succinctly, any sort of liquid, gel, lotion or paste carried into the passenger cabin has to be stored in a 100-millilitre bottle. All of these bottles must fit together inside of a one-litre re-sealable plastic bag. Exceptions are made for baby food and essential medicines.

Here is a list of items that may not be carried into the passenger cabin:

  • Stun guns, and stunning devices

  • Clubs and blunt objects

  • Workman’s tools

  • Firearms, including guns, their components and realistic-looking toys or models

  • Any projectile device, such as a bow, a catapult or a harpoon gun