This is an unofficial guide to Dublin Airport T1

Terminal Transfers

Terminal 1 is the original terminal at Dublin Airport. However, T2 was built on the approach to T1, which means you’ll pass the newer facility on your drive in. That being said, each terminal has its own dedicated approach, so traffic is rarely an issue.


If you are driving in, you’ll find parking facilities for each terminal. The situation is only slightly more complicated if you are flying into Terminal 1 and need to Transfer to Terminal 2 for Aer Lingus or transatlantic flight.  If your airline is assisting you with the transfer, this will all happen behind the scenes.


If, on the other hand, you have to collect your bags and exit security first, then you can connect from T1 to T2 via the new covered walkway. After collecting your bags, enter the Arrivals area, turn right and take the escalator up to the Departures area. The walkway is clearly signposted. The terminals are close together, so there is no need for a shuttle bus.


If you can’t find the walkway, a customer service representative (CSR) will be nearby to direct you. Their bright pink polo shirts cannot be missed. If you have a jacket, you may want to wear it, as the walkway is not insulated.